Jazztopad Festival
Business in Culture. Culture in Business. A Debate
5:00 PM
NFM, Red Hall

Business in Culture - Culture in Business. A Debate

Price: 470 zł

Klaudia Iwanek
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NFM, Red Hall
plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław

We  invite you to participate in the second iteration of the Business in Culture - Culture in Business debate on November 17, 2023 at 5 pm in the NFM Red Hall. The first debate brought inspiring discussions and broadened our understanding of the functioning of the worlds of business and the arts, and led to triggering collaborations between the private sector and cultural institutions, beneficial for business, the arts and citizens participating in high culture.

Building a modern, open society, conducive to innovative businesses, cannot do without creating a thread of understanding and cooperation based on the best practices between entrepreneurs and cultural institutions. We are happy to see  the growing involvement of business in arts patronage. With the support of private investors, valuable art collections are created and artists can develop their careers. However, we are still far from the models functioning in the countries of old democracies, especially from the Anglo-Saxon cultural area, where supporting the development of science, culture and the arts by business people is the norm.
We would like the annual debates organized by the National Forum of Music to lead to an understanding of the needs, opportunities and limitations in relations between the private sector and cultural institutions. We see the need to find systemic solutions to support the arts and young artists and to develop healthy and mutually beneficial relations between business and the world of culture. Therefore, we create space for discussion on these topics. We also want to encourage not only large corporations, but also entrepreneurs operating on a smaller scale, closer to the inhabitants of our city, to invest in the arts. We want to build a community that cares about culture and the common good, so we hope to meet you.
The debate will be attended by:

The debate will be moderated by Małgorzata Gontarz, Director of the McKinsey&Company office in Wrocław.

After the debate, we invite you to the concert Tribute to Wayne Shorter inaugurating the 20th Jazztopad Festival. The evening will end with a banquet.

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