Dorota Mroczkowska

Dorota Mroczkowska graduated from the Faculty of Food Technology at Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. After several years in the industry, in 1991 – together with her husband Mariusz – she founded a manufacturing company that has been producing fruit and nuts in chocolate ever since. For more than 30 years, the company, Doti, has been continuously maintaining the highest standards of taste and quality, delivering pleasurable moments to customers and accompanying them on numerous private and business occasions. This family company combines traditional chocolate production methods with modern solutions for production and organisation. Their chocolates can be found in the competitive premium markets, where they are mainly bought as gifts, and over 25% of their sales are sent to the European market. Running a small company that was founded out of passion and involvement, Dorota understands the importance of business relations and inspirations derived, among others, from the world of art. A classical music concert, much like the emotions created by eating good chocolates, is something fleeting and difficult to describe with words. It creates a unique atmosphere and stirs emotions, causing euphoria and the feeling of fulfilment. Under Dorota’s leadership, part of the ethos behind the company’s operations is to foster relationships and take care over ambience and atmosphere. Because art and culture bring people together, experiences of encountering them allow us to see daily life in a new way and be inspired to act.

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